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Lot No. 413

Auction No. 33
Category Box Lots
Est. $120
Status SOLD $220



Viceroy album well filled world with used to 1940, small stockbook with better MUH at front incl ovpts on GB Castles for Bahrain, Kuwait & Tangier to 10R, Barbados QEII 60¢ & $1.20, Malta 1956 2/6d, Territories defin sets of 1970's incl Samoa to $5, Solomons 1956 to 10/- & Aust $5, $10 & $15 Duck stamps (FV $165 - not valid for postage). Aden 5/- black & blue (SG 68a), Gilbert & Ellice 1956 to 10/-, Fiji 5/- Gold Industry plus selections of Fiji, Hong Kong, KUT & other Brit C/wealth, cigar box of on/off paper pre-1950 in small envelopes, small box of world odds in env of 1960's-1970's on paper & very old Seaf album with common used plus Southern Rhodesia regd FDC's incl 1964 to £1 & 1966 Independence ovpts to £1 plus 5/- on 1/3d Churchill & Uganda 1962 to 20/-. Also Seven Seas Territories Hingeless album essentially empty but noted 1980's range of MUH Nauru plus odds with Norfolk Ball Bay to 9d etc, range of East Germany M/S's MUH, KUT 1954 set to £1 FDC, GB QEII Wilding sets MUH (Cat. £30+), Norfolk Is dupl MUH/MLH earlies, Germany & China 1963 Hwangshan Landscapes 4f to 22f set in CTO pack (Cat. £22). Plenty to sort over the winter nights!