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Lot No. 1

Auction No. 32
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $400
Status SOLD $1200



1854-1907 Selection on 2 Hagner sheets noting 1854 4d blue imperfs x 2 with one showing clearly the "Narrow "N" in "PENCE" variety (SG 3u, Cat. £1500). Both fine used, the latter with 3 clear margins. Also 2d orange-vermilion mint o.g. with some natural paper wrinkling (SG 25), 4d vermilion perf. 14 F/U (SG 40), 4d carmine, wmk CR/CC perf. 12½ MH, part o.g. (SG 56), "ONE PENNY" surcharge in green on 2d yellow (SG 67) x 2, one F/U, "½d" surcharge in red on 1d yellow-ochre, perf. 14 (SG 89) & perf. 12 (SG 90), both F/U. 1888 set, latter 2 F/U (SG 103/5), 1898/1907 to 4d with 2½d blue strip of 4 MH (SG 114) & 5 x 2/- red/yellow QV shades good to F/U incl vermilion-red shade F/U not catalogued by SG. Others with SG Cat. £3000+ (45)


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