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Lot No. 263

Auction No. 31
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $220
Status Archived



KGV ½d green group incl single wmk ½d bluish-green perfined "OS" block of 4 MVLH (ACSC Fba), ½d green with "white flaw above king's ear" variety MH (ACSC 63B(4)m), LMW 1d yellowish-green electro 5 in lower selvedge block of 4 MUH (hinged in selvedge only) (ACSC 65E(5)R 49-50/ 55-56) & LMW ½d yellowish-green with "thin fraction at right" variety (ACSC 65E(5)s) plus ½d bluish-green pair with right stamp having "thin fraction at right" variety (ACSC 65A(5)s). Majority fine MLH. Total Cat. $890 (5 items)