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Lot No. 239

Auction No. 31
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $340
Status SOLD $340



Kangaroos 1913-1938 ½d to 5/- MLH & used range with varieties individually written up on neatly presented A5 sheets showing full ACSC details. Noted ½d pair MLH with coil join, used singles showing "Notch in kangaroo's neck" & "Break at top of Cape York" varieties, 1d "White scratch in Bight" & "Large white flaw left of "P" in Postage" plus 6 other 1d varieties before 2d 1st wmk "Retouched bottom frame at right & white flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria" & 3rd wmk inverted with "White scratch from map to value tablet" both used & a rare combination! Also 3rd wmk 3d ACSC 13(2)d & g, ACSC 13A(x) (similar to 6d blue ACSC 19(2)d but not listed in catalogue), 4d perfined large "OS" with an unlisted "Break in lower part of "C" of Pence" variety. Continues with 6d blue 1st wmk CTO (ACSC 17wb), 3rd wmk perfined "OS" Die IIB, 6d chestnut SM wmk ACSC 22(4)g & "OS" ovpt, 9d 3rd wmk ACSC 26(u) "Break in outer border opposite Sydney" & 1/- 1st wmk perfined small "OS" with "Break in coastline of Arnhem Land" (ACSC 30(2)k). Finally, 1/- dull greyish green ACSC 30D, 3rd wmk ACSC 32(x), 2/- brown 3rd wmk ACSC 37H (greyish-brown) & ACSC 37I (brownish grey) both used, the latter "OS" plus ACSC 37(x) with unlisted "Coloured diagonal scratch through "P" & deformed "C" of Postage" varieties. Incls a 2/- maroon SM wmk with flaw in "N" of "Shilling", pale maroon mint, a CofA Die II CTO & 5/- used with "muzzled kangaroo" variety. Well worth reserve. (32)