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Lot No. 215

Auction No. 31
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $220
Status SOLD $280



British Africa QV to QEII MUH, MLH & used neatly arranged on leaves in 2 Senator binders. Many MLH sets to 1/- or equivalent incl Ascension 1934 KGV, Basutoland KGVI & Lesotho ovpts to R1 MLH plus changed wmk MUH & 1967 to 2r MUH/MLH, Botswana 1961 ovpts 2¢ to 1r MLH & Birds to 1r (excl 4¢), Ghana 1960's commems MLH before 1983 defins to 10 Cedi MUH, KUT 1935 KGVI Pictorials to 1/- MLH, Silver Jubilee MLH, KGVI MLH/used incl 3/- F/U (2) & 5/- used. Also useful KGVI/QEII Nigeria incl some KEVII/KGV Northern Nigeria to 1/- MLH before N. Rhodesia incl Silver Jubilee MLH & Nyasaland 1897 to 1/- MLH & 1934 to 1/- MLH with a few later. Also Malawi commems to 1966 incl M/S's MLH & modest Rhodesia, St Helena, Seychelles (incl Silver Jubilee set MLH) & Sierra Leone KGV heads (21) to 1/- & pictorials to 1/- all MLH incl part sets, commems & freeforms to 1960's. Finally Somaliland, South Africa & Provinces, S. Rhodesia & SWA with latter to 1960's, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanganyika, Tristan Da Cunha (1954 to 1/- MLH), Zambia 1964 to 2/6d MLH & 1968 to 2k MUH & Zanzibar 1936 Silver Jubilee MLH & 1964 "Jamburi 1964" ovpts to 20/- plus other defin short sets. Used in this coll are mainly average to good used but the mint are all MLH & worth the reserve on their own. (1000+)