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Lot No. 202

Auction No. 31
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status SOLD $420



New Zealand 1960-1981 range of varieties comprising 1960 3d Kowhai with "yellow brown omitted" (SG 785c, Cat. £225), 1970/71 1¢ butterfly with "blue omitted" (SG 915c, Cat. £250) & 4¢ moth with "dark green omitted" (SG CPP6c (2) plus a block of 4 with all stamps showing dark green shifted up 4mm & to the right by 4mm. Also 3¢ coil pair with number "3" reading up, 1915/81 7¢ rose with dramatic perf shift of 4mm to left & 3½mm down (CP PA7b(w)) & 14¢ on 10¢ QEII with double surcharge (SG 1202a, Cat. £140). All MUH. (7 items)