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Lot No. 120

Auction No. 31
Category Box Lots
Est. $120
Status SOLD $200



Late lot in large carton noting Aust 1913-1965 Seven Seas album with kangaroos to 1/-, selection of KGV & commems to 5/- used plus odd Territories, Hagners with Aust PD blocks & some used to 2/-SJ etc, WWII "Royal Australian Navy" printed envs with various Censor & "H.M.A." cachets x 6 incl a hand illust plain env with Flinders Naval Depost cds (mixed cond), WCS FDC's from 1970-1981 incl 1971 Christmas & high vals to $10 (130) plus APO types from 1977-1984 incl BE Framas (90+). Also a separate box with 1966-1976 APO, Excelsior & WCS covers with better incl Birds set of 8, Expo, Grasslands, Navigators etc (some priced up to $150ea!), random Aust & territories covers, postcards & aerogrammes etc, Noted $10 Simpson & Donkey Unc coin & 1981 Charles & Di Crown in pack. Small bundle of 2001-2017 commercial covers with WA cds's, small diary box & stockbook with smattering of States used incl WA with some pmks on swans noting Hopetoun, Donnybrook, Katanning, etc plus bag of KGV heads. Also 1946 Mitchell, 1947 Newcastle, 1948 Scouts & Princess Elizabeth all on Challis FDC's, 1952 Aust-S. Africa Airmail & Aust - NZ & return "Faith in Australia" flight covers plus a Tonga Tin Can Mail cover (cnr tape marks on all), Cigar box of commem medals & coins noting 2013 50c Bathurst in RAM folder (retails $25) & "Australia 200 Years" Medal collections in folders x 2. Finally, many useful 1963-1994 CTO sets from Cocos Is arranged on Hagners (100s) plus 1980's China commercially used commems on tourist postcards addressed to WA & 1979 "Pilgrimage to the West" FDC's & ditto for the high val Qi Baishi Paintings all unaddressed. (Total Cat. £38). Also noted 1970 Cook 50c coins in cases x 3. A "superior" box lot!