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Lot No. 105

Auction No. 31
Category Box Lots
Est. $200
Status SOLD $440



Box lot consignment remainders noting large Chinese stockbook with Hagner of Aust States plus approx. 350 KGV low vals with much postmark interest & useful duplication. "DIY" pages with 340+ x KGV 1½d red Die II stamps all with annotated comments & a stockbook with 140 x KGV low vals used plus another volume of KGV consisting of good to fine used noting ½d orange SMW perf. 13½x12½ block of 4 & 1d green block 5.49 & 50/ 5.55 & 56. A "Royal" 24 page stockbook contains 500+ low value WA swans incl ½d green (400+), 1d red (80) & 2d yellow (80+). Also adding to this "tasty" box lot is a stockbook of used CofA wmk kangaroos comprising 6d chestnut (6) plus an "OS" ovpt used, 9d violet shades good to fine used (50+) & 2/- maroon (26) also used plus a couple of 1d red shades noting both G24½ & G25. Finally, a small approval book with plated varieties for KGV 2d brown Die II, SMW perf. 13½x12½ PSTA over £270! Viewing definitely recommended & a box lot to encourage the specialist to bid!! (1000s)