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Lot No. 955

Auction No. 30
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $1000
Status SOLD $1300



1854-1912 Interestingly written up collection based on SG numbering with attention to perfs, wmks, wmk orientation & shades. Noted 1854 1d blacks (3), 4d blue imperf swans (4), 1854 1/- brown imperfs, 1857 6d grey-black imperfs (2), 1860 2d orange imperfs (3) & 6d sage-green imperfs (2). Imperfs are all used or MNG with 1 to 2 margins (some with none). 1861 issues x 24 incl 1/- green perf. 14-16 with small commissariat puncture, 1863 no wmk 1d x 3 & 6d x 2. Wmk Crown/CC issues with approx. 100 stamps incl attractive 1875 "One Penny" green surcharge on 2d yellow (SG 67a) before Wmk Crown/A issues (237) incl SG 81, 1d yellow ochre perf. 12x14 & both shades of the ½d ovpts on 3d brown in red & green, both MH. Wmk W Crown A (54) & V/Crown wmk (144) noting £1 brown-orange (SG 128) with 2 heavy Kalgoorlie pmks. Finally Crown/double lined A wmk with approx. 200 examples. Cond of stamps varies greatly with single better items appearing in this auction as single lots. View to assess potential. (100s)