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Lot No. 925

Auction No. 30
Category Thematics
Est. $280
Status SOLD $280



Birds - Pelicans A "work in progress" which was not able to be completed by the collector. Very little written up but the sorting of topics had been done under headings of the different types of pelican focusing on the bill, feet, pouch, food history, habitat etc. Careful observation by the collector is evident in such things as a booklet cover with "Pelican" ink advert, 1940 US covers with "USS Pelican" cds, place names including Pelican, Australian 85¢ pelican MUH with various "koala" & "kangaroo" reprints in selvedge, $2.25 panes of S/A plus full sheet of 25 with the total FV of these being $100+. Also noted St Kitts 55¢ gutter pair with 1983 Independence ovpt inverted (SG 124Ba, Cat. £8.50 ea), French Somali Coast 75f (SG 446), a few West Indian progressive colour proofs, imperfs & covers with franking featuring pelicans plus some pictorial pelican cachets. This collection deserves expansion & research to make an excellent competitive exhibit. (100s)