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Lot No. 750

Auction No. 30
Category Airmails - Australia
Est. $100
Status SOLD $100



1929 (2nd June) Adelaide to Perth Davis Bros cover with AASL & "BY AIR MAIL" vignettes & "Shorter By Days....." vignette on reverse (AAMC 136), 1934 (10th Dec) Charleville to Cootamundra QAMS printed env with By Air Mail blue vignette (AAMC 472), 1935 (26th Nov) Adelaide to Broken Hill (AAMC 562) & 1937 (13th Apr) Brisbane to Croydon on illust map cover (AAMC 720a) plus additional selection of other 1935-1989 but these 4 being the best. Mainly fine. (20)


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