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Lot No. 721

Auction No. 30
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $180
Status SOLD $180



PNG plus Papua & New Guinea Commences with 1925 Huts to 6d, Airmail vals to 1/-, "OS" ovptd set to 2/- before 1931 New Guinea dated birds to 9d (1d Ash imprint block of 4), "OS" ovpts to 9d & undated odds incl 9d & 1932 undated vals to 2/- with 2d in Ash imprint block of 4. Also ovptd "AIR MAIL" ½d block of 12 & 1/- pair. Incls a PNG MUH decimal range with the 1992 Emergency Surcharges set of 11 MUH (Retails $250) plus 21t thick & thin ovpts on birds & others to 10k defins (2). Most 1990's commem sets & M/S's represented noting fiscals incl Stamp Duty 10t on 20t shell pair, 1k on 12t PO, 5k on 25t turtle, 20t (2) on 25t WCY, Stamp Duty set plus 50t, K2 & K5 ovpts, & K10 & K20 with extra pair 50t on 5t. Mostly fine with many useful. (100s)