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Lot No. 562

Auction No. 30
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $250
Status SOLD $650



KGV MUH/MLH low vals on leaves with inverted wmk on SM perf. 13½x12½ 1½d scarlet, LM wmk 1½ black brown (2), chocolate (MUH/MLH block of 4), "missing top to crown" on 1½d chocolate LM wmk MUH & on Cr/A 1½d scarlet in pair & i block before various retouches & flaws in marginal blocks & singles of 1½d greens, chocolate, red brown & scarlet, the latter in block of 6 with description of "vertical bend retouch" extending down 3 stamps. Apart from one Mullett imprint pair all appear fine & fresh with many MUH. (179)