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Lot No. 560

Auction No. 30
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $400



KGV 4d & 5d vals on computer generated DIY pages consisting of 4d orange x 86 incl 12 x 4d lemon incl line through 4d variety. Other varieties incl "vertical scratch behind emu", "dented lower left corner" & "vertical scratch crown to Kings head". 4d violet x 12 flaws noting ACSC 111(1)i, 111(2)f plus 3 lesser flaws not listed in ACSC before 4d blue x 27 mostly good to F/U incl pale milky blue perfined "OS" & 4d olive single wmk x 35 & single SMW perf.14 followed by SMW perf. 13½x12½ x 38 & CofA wmk x 145 of which approx. a third are perfined "OS/NSW" incl a SMW ovptd "OS". Finally 5d chestnut single wmk SLP x 12 with 2 perfined "OS", SMW perf. 13½x12½ x 22 plus 4 "OS" before CofA wmk x 330. Majority are good to fine used with numerous annotated varieties, many not listed in ACSC. Careful viewing recommended. (650+)