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Lot No. 555

Auction No. 30
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $75



KGV 1d reds MUH/MLH/MH selection on Hagner with Engraved types x 3 in lighter shades, one with retouched upper frame, smooth paper shades, 2 with inverted wmks & one with "RA" joined variety. LMW x 2 examples, one with "white scratch behind kangaroo" variety (ACSC 74(4)p, Cat. $325) MLH centred right. Also Die III x 3 with 2 centred low & varying degrees of paper adherence on back & 1 with inverted wmk but centred high & MH with light creases (ACSC 75a, Cat. $250). Cond varies in hingeing & 2 with tone spots however all with fresh frontal appearance. Conservative reserve. Total cat. $1000+ (12)