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Lot No. 509

Auction No. 30
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status Archived



World Postal History Selection in old style cover album starting with 1937 Coronation sets on covers from Fiji, Cook Is (Reg'd) & Niue, 1946 Peace sets on Cook Is & Niue FDC's, 1949 UPU FDC of Fiji with "Cession Day" h/s, 1953 Royal Visit & 1954 Health sets, 1953 Coronation Day Qantas to London before earlier material with a GB 1941 censored cover to USA, QV 1872 1d red cover, 1890 mourning & 1892 uprated 1d lettercard to Melbourne with 1½d affixed. Also 1900 ½d PSE to Melbourne with 1881 1d x 2 added, 1899 2d reg'd env to Germany with additional 2½d Jubilee, a "Budget" letter card to Melbourne with 2½d QV, 1897 & 1898 1d Lettercards both with superb Melrose cds's to Melbourne & Territet, Switzerland, 1904 2d KGV reg'd formular letter to Switzerland with 1d pair additional franking, KGV 1d letter card (H & G A6) with early use of machine cancel from Liverpool to London. Gilbert & Ellice 1966 stampless Official reg'd env to England, Malta 1897 2½d to Melbourne, NSW 1895 2d blue tied by Junee cds to St Kilda plus similar with ½d pair & 1d, NSW 1896 wrapper ½d impressed + extra ½d affixed, Sydney 1896 both to St Kilda, 1896 Qld Perkins & Co illustrated env with 2d QV & 1904 SA (Mt Barker) to St Kilda, 1896 (2d) St Kilda locally addressed, 1898 taxed (25¢) Melbourne to Ireland (1d x2 & ½d franking), unused uprated NZ letter card bearing impressed 1d Admiral & similar affixed, both with diagonal "HALFPENNY" surcharge in fine cond, Victoria front with clear Melbourne JU 23 05 duplex tying 4d x2 (damaged) & finally a Tsarist 7k PSE with additional 3k on flap & 16.9.01 Melbourne receival mark on reverse. A fascinating & diverse lot. (33)