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Lot No. 474

Auction No. 30
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $750
Status SOLD $1200



British Commonwealth MLH & good to fine used range in 10 SG Senator volumes covering a variety of countries incl Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Bahamas, Barbados, Basutoland with Lesotho ovpts to R1, Bechuanaland & Botswana birds to R2 plus British Solomon Is incl 1956 to £1 MLH, surcharges to $2 in both wmk types MLH & 1968 to $1 MUH before Brunei, Canada used plus later MLH to 1967, Cape of Good Hope, Cayman Is, Ceylon & Cook Is from 1965 to 5/- with Airmail/ovpts, Churchill all MLH & SP Games sheetlets of 12. Also Cyprus, Dominica, Falkland Is 1955 set & 1960 birds to 1/- MUH & 1968 flowers to £1 MUH. Fed Malay States, Fiji incl 1960's with £1 black & orange x 2 MLH, 1968 to £1 & 1970 to $2 MUH. Continues with Gibraltar incl 1960 to 5/- MUH/MLH, 1967 ships to £1 MUH, Gilbert & Ellice 1965 to £1 MLH, 1968 to $2 MUH, Gold Coast, Ghana comprehensive incl 1965 New Currency to C2.40 on £1 MLH, Grenada & Grenadines, Guernsey, Hong Kong, India & States, Ireland, Jap Occ of Malaya, Jamaica, Jersey, Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, KUT, Kuwait, Labuan noting 1904 "4 cents" surcharges set of 9 MLH (Cat. £190). Another volume with Leewards Is, Malacca, BM & Malaya, Malayan Fed, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta with several sets to 1/-, 1930 to 2/6d & Silver Jubilee MLH, Mauritius incl KEVII to 2R50, 1953 ditto MLH, 1965 to 2R50 MLH & 1967 ovpts to 10R MUH before Montserrat, Morocco Agencies, Natal & Nevis. Negri Sembilan, Newfoundland, New Hebrides, NSW, New Zealand (few only), Nigeria, Niue, North Borneo with pickings in MLH pre-1930, Sabah ovpts to $10 MLH, Northern Nigeria KEVII to 2/6d MLH & 10/- (SG 18), KGV to 1/- MLH & Silver Jubilee MLH plus Zambia while Nyasaland incls a few earlies & KGV 1934 set MLH, 1963 to £1 MLH, 1964 & Malawi defins to 2/6d MLH with commems to 1966. Finally O.F.S., Pakistan, Palestine, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Pitcairn, PNG noting 1966/67 butterflies in large blocks to 50¢ MUH (26 of latter) & 1966 SPC x 46, Queensland, Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Sarawak, Selangor, Seychelles (incl Silver Jubilee set) & extensive Sierra Leone with 1960's freeforms plus Somaliland, Singapore (incl 1962 to £5 MLH), South Africa, South Aust, South Georgia to 2/6d MLH, Southern Cameroons, Southern Nigeria & S. Rhodesia incl 1965 ovpts to £1 MLH. Continues with S.W. Africa, Straits, St Helena incl QEII to £1 MUH/MLH, St Kitts KGV to 2/-, St Lucia, St Vincent, Sudan, Sungei Ujong & Swaziland. Also KUT incl Tanganyika 1922/24 giraffes to 75¢ MLH, Tasmania incl 6d imperf, Tobago x 10 with QV to 6d, Tokelau, Tonga, Transvaal, Trenganu, Trinidad, Tristan, Turks & Caicos noting 1900/04 to 1/- & 1967 to £1 MLH plus Uganda (lots loose), Victoria, Virgin Is, WA, Zanzibar incl both 1964 ovptd sets to 20/- & Zululand to 1/- MLH. On the whole the collection is well presented with majority annotated but some vols with stamps loose between pages so please be careful when viewing. 1935 Silver Jubilee MLH sets are usually present while KGVI to QEII defins are mainly to 2/- or the local currency. Pre-1935 are generally modest with post-1970 likewise. (1000s)