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Lot No. 384

Auction No. 30
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $1100



India Useful "back of the book" & States in Sectional Imperial Album for issues to KGV starting with 1866 small "Service" ovpt on 8a MLH (SG O5, Cat. £55), on 4a green used, corner damage (SG O13), ½a fiscal ovptd Service Postage in green used, repaired at right (SG O19) & 1867/73 large "Service" ½a to 8½ with shades & dies used with solid later mostly used incl 1907 10R green & carmine, 1912 to 5R, 1900 CEF to 1R used (½a, 8a MLH), 1904/14 to 1R MLH & 1908/09 & 1914, IEF MLH (½a, 1a used). Convention States with Chamba (82) incl 3p QV ovpt Inverted MLH (SG 23a, Cat. £110), Faridkot (17) incl QV 1r slate used (SG 15, Cat. £450), Gwalior (72), Jind (42), Nabha (39) & Patiala (74) incl 1884 ½a to 4a ovpts in red MLH (Cat. £292) plus 1a ovpt in red & black (SG 11a, Cat. £32) followed by sparse Native States oddments in alphabetical order (400+). Possibly high catalogued "finds" with time. Generally neatly hinged & free of toning despite age. (100s)