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Lot No. 245

Auction No. 30
Category Box Lots
Est. $75
Status SOLD $130



Aust pre-decimal commercial envs noting 1962 Kalgoorlie "Special Delivery" cover & 2 x 1951 "Around Australia" flight covers, shoebox of GB Channel Islands with MUH & packs incl Guernsey £5 Asterix Prestige Booklet etc, GB KGV off paper sorted in envs, PNG 1952-1960 used duplicated sorted in envs & a stockbook partially filled with 1930's commems all with central cds pmks of mainly Victoria. Also a SG New Imperial Vol. 1 album in good cond that would sell for $100+ if empty but instead filled with 1000's of Aust decimals used. Another range of pre-decimal Aust used extensively researched for flaws & annotated accordingly representing 100's of hours of study. Finally a box of modern Aust on paper incl Int Post. (10,000s)