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Lot No. 752

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status Archived



South Australia Postmarks "A-Y" from early Commonwealth period. Approx. 350 stamps with clear & more complete postmarks than average. Annotations with each postmark identify postmarkers used indicating their rarity rating. 16 cancels have an "R" rating. Cancels rate "RR" are as follows; Gumbowie SC, Huddleston SC, Lone Gum C4, Muloowurtie SC, Murray Town SC2, Rhine Villa C3, Tuscan C4, Warradale C4, & Yarder SC - total 9. There are 2 postmarks rated "RRR" Muljarra C4 & Wilson C1. Many postmarks are on KGV defins commem from the 1930's. An excellent starter collection for a collector setting out to form a quality collection of SA postmarks. It could also strongly appeal to the more advanced collector wishing to improve the quality of an existing collection. Very realistic reserve.