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Lot No. 675

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $380



Pre-decimals Range on Hagners with 1934/48 Hermes MUH blocks, singles & proofs, the 1934 block with gutter & later blocks incl 2 x McCracken, 1 Ash & ordinary thick/thin wmkd paper plus singles & proofs in green, black & unadopted design inscribed "Air Mail Service" in blue from the 1994 APF printing. Further MUH imprints & singles are of 1/0½d KGVI, 1/3d bull, 1/6d Hermes & 2/- crocodile (with & without wmk) plus reprinted Die proofs of 1/6d Hermes in green & 2/- crocodile in black x 2. Imprint block (McCracken) 1/6d (ACSC 163z) vertically perfd through lower margin plus not, ditto the 1/0½d imprint. Superb group noting 1/6d black with "extra island" below Tasmania variety (ACSC 261d) & 1/6d purple imprint (CSC 163z) with recut to 5 shading lines in top let corner of L10/1. Total Cat. $1530 + the proofs (17 blocks, 9 singles, 6 proofs)