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Lot No. 657

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $320
Status SOLD $320



KGV MLH varieties annotated on 2 leaves plus page of used flaws on low val kangaroos noting ½d "Rostage" & wmk inverted, 1d "broken value circle" variety & wmk inverted, 2d 1st wmk inverted, KGV 1d violet "ferns" & 1½d red "no top to crown". Main value in the MLH with a total ACSC cat. value of $3000 incl 4d blue with wmk inverted, SM perf. 13½x12½ 1d green Die I/II pair & "ferns" single, wmk inverted, "saddle on emu", 5d CofA "8 wattles at left" & ½d to 3d range with rough & thin papers plus dry ink & better flaws eg ½d green LM wmk "thin 1 at right". Also, 2d red-brown & SMW perf. 14 with frame line over "AU" missing & other listed varieties with cat. values from $50 to $125. Written up in pre-decimal days & still quite fresh noting odd "OS" being without gum. (32 (mint)/MLH, 9 used)


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