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Lot No. 635

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1200
Status SOLD $1800



KGV MUH, MLH & used with annotated ACSC varieties on 9 Hagners mostly Cat. between $20-$40 each. Better incl SMW perf. 14 1d green with "retouch to flaw under neck" ACSC 80(4)ha, Cat. $150 used, 1½d deep red-brown LM wmk MLH & used ACSC 86(5)f "retouched left frame & flawed S.E. corner" (Cat. $160), Cr/A wmk inverted used (Cat. $75), 1½ deep red Cr/A thin paper used (ACSC 89ab, Cat. $250, 2d brown Cr/A MLH ACSC 97(12)k "broken top to crown" Cat. $140 & used (Cat. $75), ACSC 97(12)g "white spot in top left corner" MLH (Cat. $250), S. Mult perf. 14 2d brown MUH (creased) ACSC 98(12)k "broken top to crown" (Cat. $300), 3d blue Die I Cr/A MLH pair, one with ACSC 104l "broken leg of emu" (Cat. $165 pair), 4d ultramarine used ACSC 112(1)l "white spot in upper left border" (Cat. $90), 4d violet perf. 14 MLH ACSC 119(v) "white flaw in left side of right value shield" (Cat. $120) plus deeper shade MLH with unlisted flaw to right of bottom right wattle. Also 5d Cr/A line perf MLH ACSC 122g "white flaw in upper left frame (Cat. $225 but o/c). Collection ends with MUH/MLH (32) various wmks incl 1/4d Sm Mult perf. 13 MUH (Cat. $1250 but believed expertly regummed). An excellent lot. STC Cat. c$11,000 (100s)