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Lot No. 633

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $4000
Status SOLD $4150



Kangaroos Comprehensive selection of ACSC listed varieties on 23 Hagners & all "flagged" with the relevant ACSC catalogue number. Mostly used, but the following are MLH; ½d MUH, ditto perfined small "OS", ACSC 1(2)d & 1(2)j, 1d, 2d normal, variety ACSC 5(1)m, 2½d normal & NWPI ovpt with ACSC 9(2)f, 3d Die II (Cat. $1250), normal Die I o/c, 4d, 5d, 6d & 9d (ACSC 24(2)j), 2/-, 2nd wmk 2d, 6d (NWPI ovpt), 3rd wmk 2d (2), 2½d (2) plus NWPI ovpt pair, single inverted wmk, variety ACSC 11(2)d, NWPI ovpt on ACSC 11(2)m, 3d, 6d blue normal & ovptd NWPI, perf "OS" (wmk inverted), 6d chestnut marginal pair, one with "broken leg", 9d inverted wmk, 1/- variety ACSC 33(4)g, Small Mult wmk 6d "OS" ovpt, 9d, 1/- pair, single perf "OS", var ACSC 33(4), 2/- maroon ACSC 39(2)e, 5/- ACSC 45(D)i, CofA 2/- (2) & ACSC 40(1)da. Used items incl vals to 5/- in all wmks plus some CTO. Also noted 3rd wmk 10/- perfined "OS" CTO, CofA 10/- (2) & £1 grey. Odd attractive multiple incl 1st wmk 2½d block of 6 (cds). This lot is from an experienced collector whose "flag" details appear accurate for all varieties. Scans available by request. Total ACSC cat. approx. $30,000(348)