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Lot No. 611

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $180



World Lightly dupl on 100+ Hagners & Vario sheets starting with Luxembourg (c400), then Bohemia & Moravia, German PO's in Levant, China & Morocco (21 low vals), other ovpts on Germany incl WWI 1f25 & 2f50 MLH Belgian Occ, a few Wurttemberg, Danzig incl 1935 Airs F/U, Thuringia, Bavaria, Saar, Memel, Cyprus (100s but low cat items), St Pierre & Miquelon, Newfoundland incl "long" Coronation set MUH & Mexico (100s). The diversity continues with Scottish locals CTO, Isle of Man (100s) to 2005 in random order with vals to £2 & few M/S's, Jersey similar with vals to £5 & many commem sets MUH or used. Post-Soviet republic "stans" CTO but main val in German M/S's with 1936 Brown Ribbon & Hitler block M/S's. The Olympics 8pf, 12pf, 15pf & 25pf vals in M/S with water stained top selvedge. Also Bermuda (c300), Bahamas 1977 Silver Jubilee & birds M/S's MUH with Turks & Caicos range completing the "all sorts". Well worth a good look. Mostly fine. (1000s)