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Lot No. 532

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $300



South Africa Used range in binder & 3 stockbooks starting with CGH 1d x 2, 4d x 2, 6d & 1/- x 2 triangulars all in presentable cond before Union issues noting 1925 Airs (Cat. £110, but 9d faulty), KGV heads & picts to 10/- singles, 1936 Jipex M/S with exhibition cancels, 1938 Voortrekker pairs & ditto Huguenots with very little missing in binder to 1994. Stockbook with CGH incl 3 more triangulars in mixed cond to 5/-, ditto OFS, Natal & Transvaal with pickings to KEVII £1 incl 1902 2½d wmk inverted (SG 247wi, Cat. £60). Second vol with Republic issues continuing from 1994 with defins to R20, a few M/S's, CTO S/A's sheetlets & odds to 2012 while last stockbook contains KGV/KGVI Fiscals, cinderellas, seals & Union issues to 5/- in bilingual pairs MLH/used, plus 10/- MLH (horiz) & used (vertical) pairs. Various Official ovptd singles to 2/6d, PD's (50+), War Effort to 1/3d & "bantam" set to 6d MLH plus odd other se-tenants used complete this worthwhile lot. (1000++)