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Lot No. 519

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $100
Status SOLD $90



Russia 1865-1884 MUH/MLH/used specialised group on Hagner with value in Michel specialised cat. varieties noting 8k on vertically laid paper used (Mi 26y, Cat. €120 x 2), 7k with "broken 7 at right" var. used (Mi 25x, Cat. €100 x2), 7k "broken Posthorn" (Mi. 25x X, Cat. €100), 2k "broken r value circle" (Mi. 24x XII, 2 examples at €100 ea), 8k with "broken "8" at top left" var. (Mi. 26x VI, Cat. €100) & another 8k with indistinct outer frame at right. Other items incl 1865 30k perf. 14½-15 used (Cat. €70) & 1866 20k unused (Mi 22x, Cat. €120 MLH). Mostly fine. Total cat. €1000+ (26)