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Lot No. 456

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $60
Status SOLD $60



New Zealand 1893-2005 in aged stockbook with QV/KGVI common odds, 1925 Dunedin Exhib 4d MUH, 1926/27 2/- & 3/- with Parcel cancels, 1940 Waitangi set & 8 "Official" ovpts to 9d. 12 different Healths & Cook M/S's MUH/MLH before various decimals mainly used. Also 1881 Chile cover from Robinson Crusoe Island accompanied by note about Alexander Selkirk who was a castaway on the island for 52 months & inspired the story of Robinson Crusoe by Danial Defoe! (1000+ stamps, 12 M/S's & 2 covers)