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Lot No. 422

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $350
Status Archived



Japan 1879-1975 mixed MLH & used to 1960 with later nearly all MLH. Plenty of pickings noting 1906 Russo-Jap war used, 1919 10s Peace MLH, 1921 Crown Prince to 4s used, 1925 Wedding 20s MLH, 1929-1934 Airs used (no 8½s) & 1936 Nat Park used plus most later sets MLH Cat. £19-£34 per set. Also 1948 Athletic Meeting se-tenant block & 5y Philatelic Week MLH plus a good general coverage to end incl 1950 Airs used (Cat. £110). Apart from a few with foxed top perfs the collection is over 95% fine & cat. £1000+ (approx. 1050)