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Lot No. 37

Auction No. 28
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $280
Status SOLD $200



1905-1912 Melbourne Printings with C/double Lined A wmks, perf. 12½ or 12½x12 or 12x12½. Mint/MUH selection with shades noting ½d green MLH (SG 138) (2), 1d rose-pink MLH (SG 139), 1d carmine MLH (SG 139b), 2d yellow MH (SG 140), 3d brown MLH pair plus single MUH (SG 141), 4d bistre brown MLH (SG 142), 4d pale chestnut (SG 142a), 4d bright brown-red MH (SG 142b), 5d pale olive-bistre MH (SG 143), 5d olive-green MH (SG 143a), 5d pale greenish-yellow MH (SG 143b), 6d bright purple MH (SG 148), 8d apple-green MH (SG 144), 9d orange MH (SG 145), 9d red-orange MLH (SG 145a), 9d yellow-orange with upright wmk MH (SG 145b), 10d rose orange MLH (SG 146) & "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d yellow in both sideways & upright wmks MUH/MLH (SG 172 & 172a). Usual mixed perfs & centring. Never-the-less, attractive with strong colours. Conservative reserve. Total Cat. £850