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Lot No. 864

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $800
Status SOLD $600



South Australia Postmarks 1910's-1980's with the majority from the 1920's to 1940's. Approx. 600 strikes chosen for completeness & clarity. Many on piece incl a few pairs, strips & blocks. Most strikes have been identified & rarity ratings are shown as listed in "The Hand-Held Postmarks of South Australia & the Northern Territory" published by the Philatelic Society of SA (2013). Numerous scarce to rare strikes noting Ashville SC (RR), Bayan C4 (R), Belalie SC (RR), Belton (R), Biggs Flat SC2 (RR), Bloods Creek F1 (RR), Blumbers C2T (RRR - light), Bookabie SC (RR), Bool Lagoon C4 (R), Emu Downs C4 (R), Dawesley SC (R), Eurelia C2 (R), Forster C4 (RR - superb), Glenoth Battery C4 (R), Grange SC part variable strike on 1d red KGV (RRR), Greens Plains C4 light part strike on 1d red KGV (RRR), Gumbowie SC (RR), Hallett C4T (R), Harrogate C1 (R), Hawthodene C6 (R), Hookina SC (R), Iron Knob SC (R), Kenton Valley C3 (R), Kielapa C2 (RR), Kulde C4 (R), Maggillivray C2 (R), Mannahill SC2 (R), Merildin C2 (R), Mingary SC (R), Monarto C4 (RR), Morphett Vale SC (IR), Mount Bryan C4T (R), Mount Gullett C4 (RR), Mount Mary SC2 (RR), Murray Town SC2 (RR), Nortons Summit C3b(T) (R), Paradise C1T (R), Pinery C4 (R), Ramco SC (R), Rhine Villa C3 (RR), Rockleigh SC (R), Seven Hills C3 (RR), Talia C2 (R), Tarcoola Goldfields C4 (RR), Teal Flat C4 (R), Torrensville C1T (RR), Tuscan C4 (RR), Warradale C4 (RR), White Yargowie C3T (R), Wilson C4 (RR), Wirrula C3 (R) & Yacka C4-1 (R). There is also quite a range of other rated (R) & (RR) postmarks that we haven't listed as they are generally of a lesser quality lacking in completeness or clarity. An excellent collection for an entrant to the area to expand upon or for the specialist wishing to upgrade an existing collection. Good re-seller/ part-time dealer stock with inspection highly recommended.