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Lot No. 857

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $440



NSW Collection on leaves incl 1851/56 2d laureate pl.1 used, 6d imperf on bluish grey (reprint, described on page as "forgery of pl. II"), useful later range noting 1871/1902 9d on 10d red brown, 1871 cover to England with 6d diadem (stained, cover torn), 1877 & 1878 covers to England "via Brindisi" (shortest sea route) each with 8d franking, 1888 2d & 3d Jubilee postcards unused & 1d mauve card unused plus various defins mainly used (4d Cook marginal MLH) incl 5/- map & a nice 1900 cover to England franked with ½d strip of 4 & single tied by "754" Harwood Island. Also 1d x 2 & ½d single on similarly cancelled cover plus third similarly cancelled with ½d & 2d singles & 1901 uprated 1d (+ ½d) p/c to Scotland. Finally 1904 formular registered envelope (3d) to England with ½d & 2d singles covering normal sea mail charge & attractive 1912 registered (Stock Exchange) cover to Victoria with 1d vals of NSW, Tas, Vic & Qld & 1890 Qld cover to England with 6d green tied by Charters Towers "165" duplex. An interesting lot although variable cond (few stains & heavy cancels) is taken into account in conservative estimate. (c150 + 11 covers)