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Lot No. 832

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status SOLD $340



Postal Stationery Mint & used on leaves annotated throughout with Higgins & Gage numbers & formed in the early 1980's as the Series I & II pictorial postcards would indicate being the latest productions included. The collection starts with QEII 1/0½d registered letters mint & uprated used (extra 6½d) plus 1/7d reg letter (1958) used, 1959 2/5d mint & used & 1962 mint with sans serif lettering, 1969 25¢ mint with 5¢ affixed before various PSE's incl KGV 2d with two types in scarlet, KGVI 1946 2½d & 1951 3½d mint plus latter used & 3d in 2 sizes. Printed postcards 1930 used & 1943, 1952 & 1953 mint, a 1913 letter card used & 1952 3d uprated for airmail/mint. QEII 1953-1978 range mainly mint noting 1953 3½d used to USA, 1958 mint, 1960 5d & 1961 5d letter sheet mint & used, 1966 4¢ letter sheet & 1969 5¢ letter card mint before later letter cards, PTPO used envelopes, newspaper wrappers mint &used & various postcards & aerogrammes. PSE's for both KGVI/QEII all used & a few more mint letter cards, sheets & registered letters at back. Some faults in used but overall a fine lot which should attract interest following the recent publication of the ACSC Postal Stationery catalogue. (200+ items)