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Lot No. 779

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $900
Status Auction Pending



1966-1998 complete MUH in 3 Seven Seas Hingeless albums incl 1966 Navigators overprinted "SPECIMEN" (retail $95) & 1966 QEII 4c booklet panes set of 6 (retail $75) plus all perf varieties incl $1 Flinders (retail $90) & Christmas 1971 panes of 25 on cream paper (retail $85). Also all PM & FA booklet panes plus later SPECIMEN ovpts & gutters. Incls other "extras" e.g. Sydpex gutter on "Early Years" (retail $45), "Dreamings" gutters, 1993 IYWIP gutters, CPS's & later booklets/booklet panes. Superb MUH throughout with a total FV $1230+ & a retail of at least $2000+