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Lot No. 763

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $250
Status SOLD $250



1927-1965 MUH/MLH in Hawid strips on black leaves in binder. Missing 1928 M/S, 1932 5/- SHB, Robes, Arms & Navigator sets otherwise near complete with zoologicals simplified. Odd used incl "OS" ovptd 6d brown Kingsford Smith & 1/- lyre. MLH perf "OS" 1927 Canberra, 1929 WA & 1930 Sturt pair. Also some MUH/MLH KGV low vals (17) & used (6) plus ½d, 1d kangaroos MLH & £1 CofA Specimen MLH. Incls circuit page of bicolour F/U PD's at front. Lovely lot with many MUH incl 1934 Macarthur, 1935 Silver Jubilee & 1940 AIF. Fine throughout. (300+)


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