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Lot No. 733

Auction No. 27
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status SOLD $400



1913-1965 in quality Dutch stockbook with black leaves. Starts with page of mainly used kangaroos x 18 to 2/- & KGV x 59 to 1/4d with many MUH/MLH later incl 6d "OS" ovptd kangaroo (CofA pair MUH), 1931 Kingsford Smith set & 6d brown, 1934 Vic Cent, Macarthur sets of 3, 1914 6d engraved kookaburra, 1940 AIF & 1963/64 Navigators to £1 MUH plus birds to 3/- x 2 with extras. Useful used too incl Kingsford Smith "OS" ovpt pair, 1935 2/- SJ, 1914 6d engraved kookaburra, 1934 9d Macarthur, 1937/49 £1 thin paper & 1949 Arms to £2. Also a few PD's, 3 booklets, several commercial covers incl censored clipper mail to USA bearing 2/- pair, 1931 Australia-England FFC's (2, one torn, the other reg with 6d violet & 6d brown x 2), a 1921 reg front to England with 4d violet KGV & 3d kangaroo. Odd decimal item at back incl 1971 Xmas block of 7 MUH. Well worth a good look & conservative at estimate. (100s)


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