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Lot No. 520

Auction No. 27
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $350
Status SOLD $260



USA 1808-2011 Postal history collection with much of value in pre-1900. All written up with valuable info noting 1808 entire letter with "Free" mark, Washington cds & signed by Gordon Grainger, PM General under president Jefferson. This item alone priced at $300 by vendor. The next item an 1818 handwritten note written by Thomas Tucker, US Treasurer (valued at $275) followed by entires of 1831, 1836, cross written as a common method of economising on paper use & 1853, all 3 with the wording of the correspondence typed for ease of reading by the vendor. The first stamped entire is 1855 bearing a 3¢ imperf tied by Philadelphia cds before an 1862 cover with similar strike on 1¢ Franklin & 3¢ Washington perfd. Later items incl 1866 stampless entires (2), 1868 cover with "bullseye" cancel as part of Williamstown, Mass duplex, 1873 mourning cover, 1892 Columbus 400th Anniv PSE 1¢, 1913 1¢ Parcel Post used on postcard & 1920 censored cover (because of ongoing Anglo-Irish war) plus 1927 with unauthorised bisect of 1¢ Franklin. Also a 1928 long cover with 5¢ Air tied by Council Bluffs machine cancel with note at left of cover announcing opening of its airport & 1932 officially repaired cover with 4 line handstamp "Received in bad condition N.Y.P.O. Hud. Term". Thereafter a further 66 items with very interesting write ups & showing a variety of instructional markings plus some unused cards. Viewing highly recommended. (93)