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Lot No. 428

Auction No. 27
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $800
Status SOLD $800



New Zealand 1893-1967 MUH/MLH collection on Hagners, simplified noting 1882 SSF set + 1d "screwdriver" flaw, 1898/99 perf. 11 & perf. 12-16 mixed set to 5/- (latter very fine MLH perf. 12-16) plus a few Official ovpts incl 2/- Milford. Also 1907 Exhibition labels (7) in usual mixed condition, "small format" set of 4 to 1/-, KEVII & Official ovpts both to 1/- & KGV to 1/- (see separate lots for Officials). 1920 Victory & shades of 1d, 1½d, 3d & 1/-, 1925 Dunedin set plus "POSTAGF" variety. 1926/27 Admirals with 3/- MUH plus Official, 1931/35 Airs (7d ovpt vertical pair toned but broken "N" variety), 1935 Silver Jubilee MUH, 1936/41 to 3/- plus a few extras before "Official" ovpts to 2/-. KGVI complete incl Officials, 1940 Centennial MLH plus Officials & mostly MUH (1½d stained, 4d hinged) with later MUH/MLH incl 4/- booklets (2, large, small figures), 4/3d booklet (2) SB25 & all defins 1953/58 & 1960/66 (latter also flower blocks to 8d). No Healths or Christmas but 2d on 1½d "stars" is genuine & a block marked "forgery" makes a good comparison. Hingeing varies amongst QV/KGV but most are fine. Very high catalogue value with inspection recommended. (420 + labels, booklets & booklet panes)