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Lot No. 426

Auction No. 27
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $220
Status SOLD $90



New Zealand 1885-1990 MLH/used on Seven Seas standard & hingeless leaves. QV issues are average but neat 1898 2/- cds example. Later missing high cat. items & generally used (1925 Exhibition set MLH, 1931 Airs MLH) to KGVI with QEII mixed MLH/used with some 'back of the book" Arms types (excl 8/-, 12/6d) to £1 plus £2 mainly fiscally used. Health M/S's MLH from 1965 (no 1974) plus other M/S's incl 1969 Cook. Mostly MUH after 1975. A patchy lot but with useful 1936/45 Officials, the 1940 set plus Officials & all later defins. Reserve allows for variable condition. (100s)