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Lot No. 389

Auction No. 27
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1500
Status SOLD $1500



Hungary 1871-2002 collection in 6 vols of different types plus duplicates MLH/used in black leaved stockbook. Impressive start with 1871 litho & engraved sets both complete used plus extras of most vals in better than average condition before 1874 types & 1888/99 not sorted by wmk. 1900 Turul & Franz Joseph range to 5k incl 1k, 2k, 3k MLH, 1913 to 5k MLH, ditto 1914 ovpts & 1015/16 MLH. Better later incl 1918 Airs, 1925 Games, 1927/30 Airs, 1931 Zeppelins, 1933 Airs all MLH & 1932 Madonna used plus all 1930's commems & Airs MLH (one 1939 set used). Many later with duplicates in mounts, 1942 Red Cross imperfs + sheetlets of 4 perf & imperf with M/S's incl 1934 LEHE, 1938 (3 diff) & 1939 perf & imperf. Stamps also incl PD's, post-1918 Baranya & Szeged ovpts near complete while second volume on KA-BE printed leaves has comprehensive 1945-1965 incl Chain Bridge M/S (3 diff), UPU M/S (perfd) & all other M/S's (excl Roosevelt). Stamps with some used but mainly MUH/MLH incl imperf sets plus some extras e.g. 1958 Costumes 10ft M/S MLH & used. Third & later volumes also incl some addressed FDC's with stamps & M/S's continuing mixed MUH/MLH or used plus imperf sets MUH. Lovely collection! (1000s)