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Lot No. 1941

Auction No. 27
Category King George V
Est. $300
Status Archived



1926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 3d dull blue, Die I, positional plate block of 4 with units 4, 5. 10. 11 (BB/AA) having 3 varieties. ACSC 107Ac in two vertical A/B pairs with (3, 4) I, (3, 4) o & the distinguishing plate 4 "coloured flaw on bridge of King's nose between the white outline of the nose to the blue outline in front of the eye" variety on 4 R 10. MH with even gum toning but frontally fine with good centering & perfs. Cat. $580 as single stamps + premium for 2 A/B pairs in block of 4.


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