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Lot No. 1013

Auction No. 27
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $250
Status SOLD $380



Western Australia & 1913-1982 all on Seven Seas leaves. WA incls 1854 1d black (4 margins used), 2d pale orange imperf & various recess Swans to 1/- with perf & wmk varieties plus surcharges with 1884/85 ½d on 1d, 1d on 3d, 1893/95 "Half-penny" all MLH, "One Penny" on 3d (4 used) before surface printed to 5/- in mixed cond incl a few "OS" & "WA". Also odd mint incl 1906/12 1/- perf. 11 & 1893 fiscals to 2/6d. Australia has kangaroos to 5/- in very mixed cond used incl both "OS" ovpts, KGV to 1/4d with some F/U, a few perf "OS" or "OS/NSW" & "OS" ovpts used (4d MUH). 1914 6d kookaburra (no gum, off-centre), 1928 kookaburra M/S (faults), 1932 1/- lyre "OS" F/used, Kingsford Smith set with extra 6d on Regd 1931 Special Air Mail cover to England & 1931 Kingsford Smith 6d brown used, ovptd "OS" mint. No 5/- Bridge but other 1930s all there but used in variable cond (1937 NSW set MLH). Robes thick to £1, then 5/- & 10/- all used, 1941 AIF MLH, 1949 Arms & 1961 5/- cattle (both papers) used, 1963/64 Navigators to £1 used, commems mixed MLH/used. First decimal defins used then MUH/MLH comprehensive to 1982 incl 1971 block of 7. Low estimate reflects variable condition but WA is useful. (1000+)