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Lot No. 97

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $250



Czechoslovakia 1918-1921 Postal Cards written up on exhibition leaves noting 2 January 1919 Austrian 10h card from Strackonice to Praha, CSR ovptd 10h on 8h post & reply cards (6 unused, 7 used) plus uprated for transmission to Barcelona, then Hradcany Castle 10h (4 unused, 3 used plus uprated, 15h used, 15h uprated with 5h to Salzburg & censored (1920) during the period when the military censored international mail. Also 20h special cards to USA (2 unused), "S.O." ovptd 15h unused plus uprated with "S.O." ovptd for 5h & 20h unused. Finally, 2 uprated (1x taxed 20h, reflecting recent rate increase). Well researched with majority fine. Exhibited by Ross Wood at Thailand 2013 (83)