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Lot No. 75

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $150



Austria 1922-1955 mainly MUH/MLH sets & part sets on leaves in "as new" SG binder. Noted 1922 Musicians, 1923 towns, 1925/27 defins to 80g (60g stained), 1926 Niebelung Legends, 1934 charity set of 6 & 1935 Airs to 5s all MLH. Also 1936 Ski Championships MUH, Inventors & 1937 Doctors MLH, 1948 costumes to 10s & a few others incl 1955 Republic 10th Anniv MLH plus a couple used on Hagners. Total cat. $700+ (100s)