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Lot No. 464

Auction No. 26
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $240
Status SOLD $340



Varieties Decimal range with 1971 7¢ A/Asia marginal block of 3 with left pair missing pink, right stamp partially missing pink & a separate single with missing pink at base, 2¢ Desert Rose coil pair with strong offset on gum, 7¢ Desert Pea buff omitted & green misplaced, 1972 Olympics 7¢ running positional multiples showing ACSC 601da, 601g, 601zb & 7¢ swimming pos block with ACSC 603da retouch & 1973 25¢ Iron & Steel block with red doctor blade flaw. Also 18¢ flower with black omitted, 1978 18¢ Kingsford Smith marginal pair grossly misperfed resulting in "Australia" nearly cut off at top, 1984 Vic 150th Anniv vertical pair with double perfs resulting in spectacular shift 5mm down & to right plus a mint single "short" stamp with top horizontal perfs misplaced (no "Australia 30¢"). Many useful and some unlisted. (c200 stamps)