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Lot No. 409

Auction No. 26
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $600
Status SOLD $825



1913-1965 MUH/MLH/used on Seven Seas hingeless leaves with many good used items incl 1913 3d kangaroo with inverted wmk, 4d small "OS", 5d normal, 2/- large "OS", 1914/15 cds set of 7 (2/- perf "OS") & 3rd wmk perf "OS" to 10/- (2/- maroon normal, 5/- ditto but faded). SMW with 5/- (heavy used), CofA 10/- & £2 Specimen MLH with other vals to £1 used & 6d ovptd "OS" MUH. KGV MLH range with a couple of 1d Die I's in the De II & III spots, single crown wmk MLH to 1/4d (4d pale yellow & 4d olive used, 4½d creased MLH) before Small Mult to 1/4d (2 x perf. 13½x12½ used) incl some MLH but no Die II 1d green & CofA to 5d MLH plus 1/4d used, ovptd "OS" (excl 5d). 1914 6d kookaburra MLH, 1932 1/- "OS" MUH, 2d & 3d "OS" KS CTO, 5/- SHB CTO, Vic Cent in both perfs with 2d & 3d MLH & 1/- used. Also 1934 Macarthur set of 4 MUH, 1935 Anzac MLH, SJ MLH with 2/- MUH before 1936-1940 commems MUH/MLH incl 1937/48 defins mixed MLH/used (no 1/- perf. 13½x14 or 10/-) noting £1 thick used & thin MLH. 1949 Arms used & 1963/64 Navigators £2 MUH with others MLH (no £1 white paper). Most commems/defins present incl 1946 BCOF (excl ½d) MLH to 5/- thick. A good lot but check positioning in KGV as oddments have been mis-identified. (c370)