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Lot No. 323

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $100
Status Auction Pending



World Random lot on stockcards & Hagners noting Ceylon KGVI MLH vals (11) to 5R, GB 1952 Tudor Crown set MLH & 1883/84 10/- pale ultramarine used, Hagner of South Aust with 1876 9d MLH & 1/- duty stamp x 5 & a page of kangaroos to 2/- in mixed cond. Also Hagner of Hawaii dupl used to 10¢ (nothing scarce), Orange River Colony KEVII 5/- F/U & 2½d pair, Natal QV 5/- x 2 with crowned "Customs House" cancels, France 1950 Paris Millenary labels in 5 colours & a Hagner of 1950's China odds. Finally, Croatia WWII imperfs & Albania 5q, 10q & 15q unused postcards/letters ovptd "14 Shtator 1943" (14). Interesting mix. (100+)