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Lot No. 207

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $1300



New Zealand Accum of old auction lots on leaves, stockcards, stockleaves & folders in no particular order. Noted as seen Arms single wmk vertical mesh on Wiggans Teepe paper postally used 1/3d to £1 incl 7/6d unsurfaced paper (Cat. £90), more Arms on Hagner incl 12/6d & other Cowan paper single wmk to £1, QV Stamp Duty odds to £2 postally used, KGV officials incl 9d & 1/- MLH, 1898 9d MLH (hinge remnant) & 2/- Official (SG O66) MLH plus Healths 1929 & 1930 MLH. Also 1931 Smiling Boys used with later issues MLH. Chalons perfd 2d blue, 4d yellow, 6d red brown & blue, a few Govt Life incl 6d green used, later perf. 14 MLH from ½d to 6d. 1898/1902 pictorial vals MLH/used to 2/- & good KEVII/KGV MLH/used incl 1920 Victory 6d & 1/- both MLH & used, 1926/34 3/- pale mauve MLH & used, 2/- pale blue x 2 used & 1947/65 Lighthouses MLH & used sets of 8. Also a range of QV 1st & 2nd sidefaces MLH/used, Special Delivery 6d (E1 & E3 MLH), 1925 Dunedin Exhib. MLH, 1926/27 Admirals on Jones paper MLH & QV long Stamp Duty 1882 type 2/6d, 4/- & 5/- MLH plus Postage Dues to 4d, various Official ovpts incl 2/- Admiral MLH, KGV recess 4d, 5d, 6d, 8d brown, 9d & 1/- MLH & 1954 3/- official. Finally, Niue Arms to £1 & pictorials to 3/- MLH with a few Tokelau, Samoa & Cook Is MLH. Pickings for the prospector! (100s)