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Lot No. 160

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $2500
Status SOLD $2000



Ireland 1922 ovpts by Thom. Comprehensive & well written up collection starting with proof single on glossy white paper & similar 5 line ovpt in block of 6 on buff poor quality paper (Hibernian PR14, Cat. €32 x 6) followed by adhesives in singles, pairs & larger multiples with a wide range of shades starting with dull black ovpt on 1½d (13), 2d (block of 9 with worn/irregular letters), 1d red used with "Q for O" flaw (not 31a or b), 2d T22 control block, abnormal ovpt proof strip of 3 on shiny white paper, 2d Die I (6) & II (11), 6d (9) & 1/- (5) plus broken letter (ink stripping) varieties in strips. Also glossy blue black ovpts ½d (2), 1d (9), 1½d (4), 2d Die I (2), II (3), 3d (5), 5d (4), 6d (5), 10d (4) & 1/- (2) showing a range of shades & vermilion to scarlet ovpts on 2½d, 4d, 9d agate, 9d olive (4 of ea), 2/6d & 5/- Seahorses. Then a study of Harrison coils with varieties in singles, pairs, strips (some with joins either horizontal or vertical), wider ovpt by Thom (21.1.1922) in glossy blue black incl ½d (7), 1d (5), 1½d (9), 2d Die II (3), 1/- (3) & ½d U22 control block of 6. Saorstat Eireann ovpts (11.12.22) with at least 3 shades of all vals with black ovpt, 4 or 5 with red ovpt on 2½d, 4d, 9d plus bright red ovpts on 2½d, 4d (2 ea) & 9d (3). Block of 45 x 6d with ink stripping on a number of stamps, 4d & 9d with red ovpt "eircana" variety, 1d open "C for O", ½d block with accent inserted by hand (SG 52b, Cat. £110), Seahorses with "1922" wide date (set of 4 incl 2 shades 2/6d) & printing house presentation cards showing single four & five line proofs on glossy white proofing paper plus a few low val oddments complete this impressive study. Cat. £3700 as normals plus substantial premium for varieties, ovpt proofs & shades. Collection finishes with a handwritten receipt (13.3.22) on which a 2d Postage & Revenue with Rialtas ovpt has been used as a revenue.