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Lot No. 119

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $850



Germany "The Faces of Adolf Hitler 1933-1945" written up collection in large Lighthouse album with slipcase. Begins with "ex libris" label on light brown tinted granite paper with design of German Eagle & Acorn with Oak Leaves & Party Swastika centred over "Adolf Hitler" in stylised sans-serif lettering. First portrait of Hitler on any official postal article was 6pf postcard commemorating Nuremburg Rally of 30-1-33, showing Hitler & Hindenburg in profile, which is present here as an unused example. M/S's incls 1937 48th birthday MLH & CTO, ditto imperf MLH (cnr crease), 10-6-37 surcharged & rouletted MVLH & 3-9-37 ditto with side panels ovptd. Postcards incl 1936 "1000km of Autobahn", 1938 "One People...", "The Fuhrer Speaks" photo portrait, "49th Birthday" cover, Nuremburg Rally green card CTO, Congress (2 diff card stocks), ditto for Harvest Festival, 4-12-38 Sudetenland Map, 13-4-39 "Birthplace", 20-4-39 "50th Birthday", 2-9-39 "Patriot" portrait, 30-1-41 "Not Worth a Pfennig" caricature of Chamberlain with Hitler/Mussolini stamp tied by pictorial cachet at left & 30-1-41 Italian Hitler/Mussolini postcard with set of 6. Also Italian East Africa set of 8 with same design for Libya. 1941 "52nd Birthday" postcard + stamps mint with vertically & horizontally grilled gum, full sheet of 12pf, Reichsmark values perf. 12½ & 14 (x2 of latter). Gen Govt issues, Nov 1944 "Inselpost" ovpt on 25-80pf Hitler heads (prepared for use in Crete & Aegean Islands, but not issued), ovpts on Austria (2 May 1945 plus 3pf x 2), "CSR" ovpts for Ustinard Laben in Czechoslovakia, 10-9-45 regd cover (Krippen, Saxony) with re-usage of envelope during paper shortage & 12pf imperf "post" partially covering Hitler 12pf. Other interesting items incl b&w 1934 Rocket Mail postcard featuring "Zucker's Controlled Aerial Torpedo" with imperf vignette tied signed by Zucker on reverse along with Nazi Party cachet plus Bohemia & Moravia Hitler heads to 2k ovptd with Czech inscription & Coat of Arms. No "long sets" of Austrian ovpts on Hitler or used Reichsmark vals, but many scarce & sought-after cards in addition to the minisheets. Viewing will impress. (100s)